Take 10 Workout

Use this workout as a warm-up, a pick-me up or turn it into a full on sweaty exercise session.

(One of) My Favorite Exercises

Asking me for my favorite exercise is like asking a kid what their favorite candy is. Here is just ONE of my staples and a bonus sample workout.

Barefoot Beach Bootcamp

Work on that Beach bod at the beach. No shoes required.

Countdown to a Beach Bod

With just over a month until July, I have 28 days of mini workouts to jumpstart; add to or just squeeze in leading up to swimsuit season.

A Quick-Fix, Energy Booster

Whether you're in need of a boredom buster or a desire to conquer your mid-day coma attacks, I've got an easy, quick fix or you.

Tim’s Keg Haulers

This "functional" exercise is highly effective for those times when you need to haul kegs of beer, boxes, kids or anything heavy - oh, and it's great for the butt too.


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