Home-Based Workout During The Cold Snap

Here's a workout you can do in the"comfort" of your home. Equipment and intensity optional.

(One of) My Favorite Exercises

Asking me for my favorite exercise is like asking a kid what their favorite candy is. Here is just ONE of my staples and a bonus sample workout.

My Favorite (Type of) Workout

Read on to find out what MY favorite type of workout is and why I love it. I've also included a sample of this workout for you to try at home.

Celebs’ Latest Fitness Trends

Are you wondering what your favorite star's fitness regime is this year? Check out some of the workout trends here.

Free Workout – Equipment Optional

Gym Memberships can be costly, drop in fitness classes can run anywhere from $15- $65, so what can you do if you're not rolling in the moola but want to get your sweat on? I'm offering (a new) FREE workout post PLUS providing you the formula and tools needed to create more of your own workouts.

These 3 Apps Are a Must for This Personal Trainer

Even PersonalTrainers need help motivating themselves to exercise. Check out  3 apps vital to MY fitness.