Magic Sleek: is It Worth It?

If you have frizzy, unmanageable hair and are considering keratin, read about Magic Sleek first…  For most, summer coming means sun, beach, BBQ, and vacations.  For me, warm weather means FRIZZ!  I basically spend June – September looking frightful.  I need the absolute perfect weather conditions for me to have a good hair day.  The slightest moisture in the […]

Is Your Hair Falling Out?

Is your hair falling out, and if so, should you be worried about it? I never had thick hair, but my pony could always, at least, fill up a hair tie (scrunchy or banana clip in the 80s.) But, these days, my hair is feeling more thin and fine with each shower. The female propecia […]

Why I Started Taking Vitamin H

In the last few months, I started noticing that my hair felt thinner and was breaking more easily. My sister-in-law, a rheumatologist, suggested I try Biotin. She said that she recommends it to many of her patients who experience thinning hair as a side effect from their medications.  Vitamin H, more commonly known as biotin, is part of the […]

Magic Sleek: Is it worth it?

For most, summer means sun, beach, BBQ, and vacations.  For me, summer means FRIZZ!  I basically spend June – September looking frightful.  I need the absolute perfect weather conditions for me to have a good hair day.  The slightest moisture in the air causes a major problem.  I have tried Keratin, which does amazing things […]

Is Balayage for You?

When it comes to color on my hair, I usually get double process: color and highlights. But this time, after seeing some pics, I decided try balayage. One of my hair issues is that within 2 short weeks, my ugly grays start showing their true color (bastards). While balayage won’t keep the grays from rearing their ugly heads […]

How to Get Twisty, Curly, Sexy Beach Waves

  I’m a relatively lazy person when it comes to hair and make-up. But recently, a friend introduced me to a new hair toy that I love: the Bio-ionic StyleWinder. It’s more than a curling iron. As you twist your hair around the wand, it rolls. It creates these smooth and silky, twisty, curly sexy […]


It is one of my worst fears … the dreaded call from the school nurse, "Your child has lice." But, I am prepared if that time comes. Here's what you need to know.

At home Blow-Out to go out!

If I had it my way, I would be getting my hair blown out professionally twice a week, too bad that's never going to happen.  Here's how to get a salon quality blow out at home.  First, you need the right tools-- brushes, product, clips and a hair dryer.

Beach-to-Bombshell Hair!

For this week's style post, I'm going to talk about my favorite hair style-- beachy, touchable, undone waves.  As much as this look sounds like all we have to do is roll out of bed, of course, this is not the case.  A lot of work and products are needed to make it look like we wake up looking this fabulous!  My two favorite must have products-- Oribe's Apres Beach wave and shine spray, and Oribe's Dry texturizing spray.  Oribe (pronounced or-bay) products can be found at Panico in Ridgewood and Blue Mercury in Tice's Corner in Woodcliff Lake.


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