What is Your Favorite App for Meditating?

Also read: Why You Need Meditation More Than Your Mother Did I just read an article about how one Baltimore school was implementing meditation into their school to replace after school detentions. Instead of sitting in a classroom staring a a blank chalkboard, the school runs a program from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. that teaches yoga, […]

De-Stressing Your December

Even though December is usually the month of joy and celebrating this can take a huge toll on us as we try to manage the magic of the season. Read on for tips to de-stress this December.

TIP: Leave Yourself a Note After Thanksgiving

Your future self will thank you ... I promise!

Is Willpower a Renewable Resource?

Halloween just ended, Thanksgiving, the Holidays and colder, darker days are just around the corner - Do you have the willpower for what lies ahead?

What’s Your Mantra?

by Natalie Golub I decided this would be the year, I would try to be more mindful.  I mean, breathe, think more clearly, and realize that my words and actions can directly effect myself and how I make others feel.  Who doesn’t find themselves stressed out during the day, wondering how you can take a breath and maybe […]

How the Beach Can Improve Your Health

Here are more good reasons to head to the Beach this summer, or whenever.

30 Reasons to Throw Away Maternal Guilt

It is crushing, can ruin your day and your mood, and it is SELF INFLICTED. Let go of the guilt -- it's not doing anyone any good.

55 Ways To Take Care of Yourself When You’re Too Busy

55 gentle ways you can take care of yourself when you’re pressed for time and attention. Suggestions from life coach Marthe Hagen.

Summer Camps for Adults?

Why let your kids have all the fun this summer? Check out these adult camps for yourself.


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