Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

As I was casually stalking social media today, I came across this picture that a friend used as her cover photo on Facebook. I chuckled in agreement and then thought to myself : Man, ain’t that the truth.  As a young child you base your popularity on the amount of children that attend your birthday parties.You […]

Oh, The Vanity!

     One day, many moons ago I was on a trip with my little sister to New Orleans. I thought since I was the “big” sister I would surprise her for her 18th birthday and take her to Mardi Gras.  That was the first mistake  – taking an 18 year old to an out […]

Self-Esteem for your Tween

Building self-esteem is a goal of every parent, especially those with a daughter on the brink of becoming a teen. Learn 5 simple ways you can help promote your child's sense of self.

Banishing Embarrassing “Bacne”

Prom season is just around the corner; you've picked out the perfect dress but you're back acne is making you think twice about going. Get "back" on track with these tips.


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