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Heather’s Holiday Wish List

Besides wanting a day–or 7 days–alone in my house…where everything stays where I put it and it is quiet and serene and no one asks me for anything, here are some tangible things that would be nice to find under the tree.  I am not a perfume girl–in fact, sometimes, perfume makes me a little nauseous, […]

This Made My Hair Behave!

I admit it. I can be a little cheap when it comes to beauty products. (Evidence: My favorite mascara is by Cover Girl and retails for $7.) Why? Because after blowdrying my hair, it still has frizz…so then I want to flat iron it…destroying it even more. My hairdresser encouraged me to splurge on Oribe Royal […]

Tattoos for Tweens

So is middle school too young for a tattoo? Not if it’s a henna tattoo!  To celebrate the start of school, I took my 11-year-old and her friend to go get Henna tattoos. For just five dollars, they did a beautiful and unique henna tattoo on the girls hands. I thought it was so beautiful that […]

Beauty Spring Cleaning… What Is Your Makeup’s Shelf Life?

How do you know when it's time to toss that makeup sitting in your drawer?


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