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Masks and Your Child — What we don’t know

Also Read: Great News About COVID-19 Normally, in an informational post, I try to focus only on what I know to be fact, what is widely accepted in the medical community, and what is supported in the literature. I also write posts based solely on opinion, and I hope I make it clear in the text […]

If You Made It Through September…

My parents listened to Christmas albums throughout the whole season, and their collection of vinyl was pretty impressive, so we enjoyed holiday music beyond the traditional Bing Crosby. One of our favorites was the Merle Haggard Christmas album, which when I listen to now, had some pretty depressing songs on it. “If We Make It […]

Get 10% Off Personalized Labels

I love Oliver’s Labels. Their motto is “How kids’ stuff finds its way home!” and these labels have helped Northface fleeces, water bottles (a few years back sippy cups), socks and shoes to make it back to my home.  I’ve gotten compliments on these labels from my children’s teachers, dance instructors and their coaches. I first found them when […]

Do School Lunches Make you Sick?

(Reprinted from 2013) Ask almost any mom what she dreads most about back to school, and she’ll tell you it is making lunch every day. We want to help. Erin has suggestions to make school lunch more fun and Tammy has great tips for keeping lunch healthy. The doctor in me can’t help but talk about food-borne illness […]

Back to School Brunch…for the Parents!

In celebration of the first day of school, have a mommy brunch with your friends. Invite your friends over for a "Back to School Brunch".

A Little Lunchtime Inspiration

Are school lunches making you and your kids grown? Are your kids tired of the same old thing and are you tired of their complaints? Read on for tips on creative, healthy lunches.

Back to School Blues: Early Mornings & Piles of Papers

By Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. The mornings are getting colder, the smells are crisper, and the frenzy of thoughts surrounding school preparation is beginning.  For some, the structure of the school year is welcomed with open arms. For others, all they can think about is the early morning wake-ups, the paperwork, the homework, and the whole […]

20 Things for Your Back To School “To Do” List

With only days left before it is “back to school” time – Here is what STILL needs to be done: School Supply Shopping Direct the kids to Cliffs Notes to review the book they were  “supposed to” read – or download the movie so they don’t look like complete slackers! Get the car washed AND […]

Hot New Shoes for Kids This Fall Already Selling Out

I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of little feet lighting up the sidewalks to school: The Sketchers Energy Lights. My daughter saw these on display before they came out and has been talking about them ever since. When I went to grab a pair for her, they were already sold […]

What Type of Back To School Parent Are You?

Back to school season always leaves me with mixed feelings. As a teacher, I look forward to going back, showering daily, settling into a routine and feeling productive. As a mom – its quite different. The hardest thing about being a teacher who has children is that you often are forced to miss their first […]


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