RollAPair Helps Youngsters Step Up to the Plate

19aa36_5c73574f58bc41fba47ebb3a2dcfe326Spring is just around the corner and the Baseball and Softball players at Summit High School are laser focused on the upcoming season. They do, however, have something else on their agenda this spring. RollAPair.

RollAPair is a baseball and softball mentorship program designed to build relationships between Summit Junior Baseball and Softball (SJBS) Players and Summit High School Players. This year marks the program’s third season.

carousel_image_2e28ed5beeb44b9f21fe_3db54330d08f71d8f8e0_Kyle_and_jamesRollAPair’s mission is to give young players the tools they need to succeed in the game. The program begins in late March and will run through the spring season. During that time, Summit High School mentors and will help foster teamwork, responsibility, discipline and hard work in their young counterparts.

Here’s how you can help: RollAPair will conduct a used equipment drive in Summit elementary schools and the middle school now through March 11.  Donations of gently used bats, helmets, mitts and cleats are both solicited and appreciated. The equipment collected will be donated by RollAPair to a local town in need.

For further information, or to participate in the 2016 program, contact or click here.


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Author: Patricia Cassin