My Girlies – The Sisters I Never Had

My girlfriend Diana did one of the greatest things she could do for her friends – she opened up her home – a two bedroom , killer condominium in a high rise with an incredible view and beach – to her girls. By March we all were burnt out and desperately needed a break from the hustle and bustle of our lives, as well as the hohum of our daily activities. We always talk about “getting away” together, but besides our quarterly brunches or dinners, rarely do. So, when Diana said “We are going to Miami” we all whipped open our calendars and chose a date. We made it happen. And you know what? It was as if we were five women on a slumber party living the high life in beautiful 82 degree temperature. We treated ourselves to sleeping in, slumming it on the beach with “Miami Vice ” cocktails, a dinner out that’s price tag would have normally choked some of us, and endless amounts of giggles. At one point our friend, Mary lost her phone and we all rallied around trying desperately to locate it. She was convinced she had it in  between the towel and the lounge chair (as to keep it out of the sun). The bad news was that by the time we went down to comb the beach, all the towels had been taken to the laundry. One can imagine how many towels are taken off of lounge chairs during the week of spring break. There were hundreds of pounds of towels in large bins that we ransacked to no avail. At the end of the day, Mary didn’t find her phone – BUT , she learned how to keep herself in check and not stress about being without it for 36 hours. It is crucial to make time for your friends. As a coincidence, there was a “Golden Girls” marathon playing on our last day there and it made us quietly smile – hey – we aren’t quite ready for retirement, but we are ready to spend time with each other and remind each other just how important it is to have “sisters” to mock, laugh with and love. 

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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