Makers — A Must See, SAVE THE DATE

women's lib, women's liberation movement, gloria steinemI was a tomboy. This meant I played stickball in the street with the boys, wore my hair short and wasn’t afraid of small bugs or tall trees. For me, being a tomboy occasionally garnered ridicule, and never garnered opportunity. My daughter, Madelyn, is a tomboy. This means she can play any sport that interests her, including baseball, and is respected for her intensity and self-confidence, on and off the field.
A couple of years ago, together we heard some kids using the word, “gay” as a put-down. After, I sat with her and explained what the term meant, and why it is wrong to use it in a careless and demeaning way. I explained that years ago, gay men and women were less accepted — if at all in my community — and that it took years of patience, education and hardship to come to this point in history, where many of us are less afraid of that which makes us different. I told her we have very brave men and women to thank for this. At 8 years old, Madelyn was able to make an association in her own life. My constant hammering of how lucky she is to be born in 2001 instead of 1973 found a mark. “So,” she said, “it is just like I have to be thankful to all those girls who got mad and said ‘We are just as good as the boys.’ Right?” Smart girl.

Lest we forget …

Years ago, under the vision and guidance of Dyllan McGee, AOL and PBS teamed up to make MAKERS: Women Who Make America. It is a “digital video and broadcast initiative that aims to capture the extraordinary impact women have made in America over the past 50 years through a vast and ongoing collection of original interviews with trailblazing women of all walks of life.”
I had the great privilege of attending the premiere last week. There, I watched the first hour of this three hour event. I have since been on the Makers website and have watched the stories of these courageous women, many of whom did not appreciate their personal battle would have such global impact. I encourage you to take the time to watch on-air or online with your daughters and your sons. Our country is a better place because of all the women and men who said, “Enough!”
The stories of Gloria Steinem and Danika Patrick are inspiring, but, you will find just as much — if not more — value in the untold stories of the women who were beaten, literally and figuratively, but did not lie down. Thank you Makers for reminding me I have a debt of gratitude to all the girls who insisted we are just as good as the boys. I will repay this debt with remembrance. Thank you for documenting these tales before it is too late — from them, there is much to be learned. Look at the world — and the magazine stand. The fight is far from over.

Makers airs on PBS on February 26th — check your local listings. Go to for the stories.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, founder and president of Tips From Town. She loves combining all she learned as a doctor with all she continues to learn as a mom of five to bring you interesting, useful and fun information on the Family Pages.


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