Inspiring Ideas for Your Elf on a Shelf

Remember when your elf was content just sitting on a shelf? Those days are over! We live in a Pinterest perfect work and our elves are not immune!

Over these past few years with the elves making our Christmas more stressful — I mean, more magical — they have had some breakout moments. I caught a few on camera, and we’re thinking by sharing these, your elves may be inspired. Perhaps you can leave your computer open to this post tonight to give them some ideas.

EVEN BETTER — Send us some pictures of your elf/elves because more than ever, at this time of year, it takes a village. Subject: ELF HELP

Don’t have an elf? Pop into your local book or toy shop or order one here:  Elf on the Shelf.

Hanging onto a helium balloon!

Feeling nuttier than usual.

Using suckers shoes to navigate across the ceiling in the room!

I can also use my sucker shoes to scale the windows.

Keeping fit until Christmas.

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