FHOO ASIAN BISTRO – The Decor is Almost as Delectable As The Food!

Thanks to Groupon, I had a delicious evening at the local Fhoo Asian Bistro, located at 294 Sunrise Highway. I have been here many times before and the decor never ceases to amaze me. Rumor has it the design of the restaurant cost millions of dollars! There is a very large, hip bar as you enter – and it has a stellar happy hour menu for both food and drink. But then, you go through this corridor of light that looks like something out of Logan’s Run, and step into a massive dining room with a full Sushi Bar. In the middle of the dining area, and forgive me for using a stock pic, but the one I took didn’t do him justice – was the biggest, most glorious Buddha I have ever seen. The menu is eclectic yet my personal favorites are the Lettuce Chicken Wraps and the Shrimp Tempura. My sweetie had the Calamari Appetizer and then the Shrimp Pad Thai which he claimed it to be one of the best he’s ever had. The service was on point and we had a great meal for a discounted price. Thanks to the management at Fhoo, they are smart enough to usually have a Groupon for those of us who like to dine out and save money!

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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