If You Made It Through September…

My parents listened to Christmas albums throughout the whole season, and their collection of vinyl was pretty impressive, so we enjoyed holiday music beyond the traditional Bing Crosby. One of our favorites was the Merle Haggard Christmas album, which when I listen to now, had some pretty depressing songs on it. “If We Make It […]

Why You Should Eat More of This Power Grain

You know quinoa has become more popular because finally people can┬ápronounce it! It is hailed as a health food, and putting it on my table certainly makes me feel good, but should it? My little kids make such a mess eating it, is it worth it? It is. Not only is it good to get […]

What You Need to Know About PMS

With three teenage girls, understanding PMS is less of an intellectual endeavor and more of a survival skill. I often wonder how much of the foul mood, the needing to be alone and the snippiness are organically due to premenstrual syndrome, and how much is just typical adolescent behavior. It isn’t that I am not […]

Staying Healthy in College

The health advice I am sharing with my daughter before she leaves for college.

6 Proven Ways to Feel Better on a Rainy Day

You cannot change the weather — based on all the mistakes meteorologists make, you can barely even predict it. But, if you are feeling poor on bad weather days, there are ways you can take charge of your own emotional health and combat the rainy day blues. Get outside. Yes, even if it is raining, […]

5 Reasons This Weather is Crushing My Mood

Here in the tri-state area, I feel like we haven’t seen the sun in weeks. The rain and gloom is on the top of everyone’s mind and it is starting to get to me. Why? 1. I can’t wear sunglasses and at almost 46, I really, really need them, especially in the morning, to hide […]

Measles: What You Need to Know

With all the news about measles and the controversy over vaccinations, it is useful to review the facts. WHAT IS IT AND HOW DO YOU GET IT? Measles (a.k.a. rubeola) is very contagious disease caused by a virus. Because it lives in the mucous in the nose and throat, it is spread in the same […]

The Measles Vaccine and Seatbelts

Measles cases are on the rise. This comes as no surprise to me. Parents have chosen to not vaccinate their children, largely because of a since disproved theory that the MMR vaccine caused autism. The world is shrinking and globally contagious illnesses threaten our unvaccinated. I’m not quite sure why so much shade is still […]


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