Can’t Find A Cab In NYC?

UnknownHave you ever been in NYC trying to find a cab and can’t so you resort to Uber? I don’t know about you but I can’t stand Uber. Every time I try to get one they say it is a busy time and I have to pay a surcharge. Last week I ordered and Uber suv to go 20 blocks and it cost me $73. That is ridiculous. I ended up meeting my friends at the top of the Met (which is the greatest place in NYC to have a drink) and my friend said he just arrived using the VIA app. He only paid $5 plus tax. So, all of you should download the VIA app immediately. You can only pay by credit card through the app. It runs from 6:30am-9pm on weekdays. It is a shared ride in premium vehicles. They operate from 14th street to 110th street.

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Author: amynidds

Amy loves to help you find the best deals out there or something she thinks you just have to have! Content and Finds Editor