sugar cravings

Just How Bad Are Those Little Candy Corns?

I started October with a vow to eat less sugar, drink more water and generally be healthier. I’m giving myself a B- overall, but I would be doing better if candy corn wasn’t dragging down my grade. My kids don’t love it, my husband doesn’t eat it, but what would Halloween be without a big […]

How Much Sugar is Hiding in the Foods You Eat?

Sugar is a scary thing for all of us, especially our kids who are just forming their relationship with food. Unlike the monster hiding under the bed, who can only give you a startle, sugar can contribute to obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease. To make matters worse, sugar can be addictive, as anyone […]

A Sugar By Any Other Name…

Sugar - We all love it but maybe a little too much. Learn how it's affecting your health; how much you should be eating and the various sneaky names it goes by on food labels.


Are you a late night snacker? Did you ever get that feeling you need that pretzel or piece of candy at 10pm, but you know you shouldn't? I am up late at night working on my posts and let me tell you, I am going to gain 50 pounds.


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