Will CBD Oil Cure What Ails You?

Get 30% off CBD oil with this  CBD oil is making headlines. THC is the most widely known compound in marijuana, but the plant also contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD.) It is found in higher concentrations in the hemp plant. Similar to a marijuana plant in its bio-makeup, hemp contains low levels of THC which […]

Vaping 101

Why, oh why, does there always have to be something new to worry about?!? What the hell is vaping and why does it seem everyone is doing it? It all started with the introduction of e-cigarettes in 2007. Now, there are several different types of vaping devices, including MODS or advanced personal vaporizers and vape pens. […]

Osteoporosis Prevention Tips

Osteoporosis is not something that occurs only in post-menopausal women. Could you be at risk?

Colon Cancer – Are You at Risk?

Colon Cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the United States but is not very well known or talked about. Also known as Colorectal Cancer, it targets the large intestine and rectum. Common symptoms are stomach pains, cramping, bloating, bloody stools or changes in stool composition. Because of the area and effects this cancer […]


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