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The Dumbest Job Ever: Mother.

It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud —especially if it’s while I’m sweating and working my heiny off on the elliptical at the gym. (Yes, I read the paper while I work out—multitasking!) But the other day, I nearly tumbled off the machine into bruising hysterics when I read “Job Description for […]

Advice to My Daughters about Work

Will you encourage your daughters to make the same choices you made?

College Interview Season: The Second Craziest Time of the Year

By Kathryn Lancioni, Founder and CEO of Presenting Perfection With the holidays behind us and the reality of winter all around us, many of us have plans to hibernate for the next several months.  We’ve got some good books, a stack of firewood and anything else we need to enjoy the down time that January and […]

Talking to Your Kids About Las Vegas

If you read my post yesterday, you know I’m trying to use October to make small changes in my life that will bring me greater peace and contentment. The world is not making it easy. I woke, like many of you, this morning to a CNN alert on my phone to the largest mass shooting in […]

10 Places I Hate That My Kids Love: A Happy Kid’s Bucket List

Ah, the things we do and the places we go for our children–places that were off our radar before kids and that now, we dread even being asked to go to. We pray that some other generous parent will offer take our child so we can cross it off their little happy child bucket list. And if we don’t take […]

Summer is No Longer Sacred

I blame sports.

Our Kids Will Love Us No Matter What

Oh, and a short book review.

Dance Dads … Wake Up!

It is time to man-up.

Have Our Kids Lost the Art of Conversation?

Have our kids lost the art of conversation?! When I was a kid, we spent hours on the phone…talking. Now, our kids spend hours texting. And they aren’t even using real words, lol, pun intended. Their texts are filled with abbreviations that I don’t understand and endless emojis to express their feelings giving them a […]