parenting styles

Sleeping with Your Kids

When my kids were babies, I loved the feeling of that warm, little lump of a body resting heavily on my chest as they slept. Hearing their gentle breathing, inhaling their sweet baby smell is, to this day, one of my most comforting memories. I’d give anything to relive one of those moments. I looked […]

What’s the Best Time of Year to Have a Baby

I've had a baby in each of the four seasons ... which is the best? Read on for the pros and the cons.

Do Parenting Styles Matter?

I have this intense need to say, "It doesn't matter how you raise your kids. Just make sure they know you love them unconditionally, and they will be fine." If this were true, I could defend my current parenting style, which is -- get through the day without anyone, including me, having a meltdown. A scientist by nature, I looked at the research. Damn, damn, damn -- I hate when I do that.


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