parenting is hard

Put the Oxygen Mask on for You

You don't need to breathe comfortably for someone else all the time.

Why My Husband is a Better Dance Mom than Me

This past weekend was my daughter’s dance recital. She was in three out of four shows, and some kids were in all four, performing in as many as ten numbers. That’s a lot of dancing. Confession: I am the world’s worst dance mom. It takes me by surprise every year, and inevitably I find myself racing to the […]

The Dumbest Job Ever: Mother.

It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud —especially if it’s while I’m sweating and working my heiny off on the elliptical at the gym. (Yes, I read the paper while I work out—multitasking!) But the other day, I nearly tumbled off the machine into bruising hysterics when I read “Job Description for […]

Little Kids are Hard!

I’m on a plane writing this, and there is a baby one row up and to the right of me. He’s a little guy, maybe 5 months young, and I had the same reaction any sane person would have when I saw where he was sitting. Please Dear Lord, God in heaven, all that is […]


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