new years party

6 Foods to Bring You Luck in 2019

Make sure you eat one of these 6 foods thought to bring good fortune to your 2019… 1. Pork Pigs are a lucky symbol because they root forward. No looking back for this kid. Try our Pennsylvania Dutch Pork and Sauerkraut, Pork and Sage Meatballs (above) or a Super-Easy Rib Recipe. 2. Noodles. In Asian culture, noodles are believed to bring you a long life. Our Cold […]

New Years Eve Slumber Party

For the kids, there's no champagne but that shouldn't stop them from having a fabulous time ringing in the New Year at their age-appropriate slumber party.

Around the World NYE Party

Bring the world to your house or neighborhood by having an Around the World Party. Travel the time zones. It's always midnight somewhere in the world.


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