mother’s guilt

Put the Oxygen Mask on for You

You don't need to breathe comfortably for someone else all the time.

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Real moms get really honest!

The Dumbest Job Ever: Mother.

It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud —especially if it’s while I’m sweating and working my heiny off on the elliptical at the gym. (Yes, I read the paper while I work out—multitasking!) But the other day, I nearly tumbled off the machine into bruising hysterics when I read “Job Description for […]

Dance Dads … Wake Up!

It is time to man-up.

Moms, How Much Are You Worth?

Feeling a little…undervalued and unappreciated? Many stay-at-home moms do! It ca be tough on the ego if you aren’t earning a paycheck for all of your hard work–especially if you used to earn one in your pre-mom life! Grab a glass of wine and plug in some numbers to salary.com and find out what all your […]

30 Reasons to Throw Away Maternal Guilt

It is crushing, can ruin your day and your mood, and it is SELF INFLICTED. Let go of the guilt -- it's not doing anyone any good.

Guilt — A mother’s constant companion

What is with the maternal guilt? I've had it. My days are too busy to add guilt to the equation! Let's throw it all away.


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