food allergies

How to Carry an Epipen

If you have a child with a food allergy, or suffer from one yourself, you know what a pain it is to always have an Epipen on hand. Whether your child is going to a friend’s house or to a game, there are some carriers that make it a little easier. A newer version of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Allergies

Find Out the Pollen Count Today I can remember a time when “allergy” was NOT a household name … when even seasonal allergies were rare, and food allergies were practically unheard of. My family is truly a sign of the times, mirroring what’s happening in our communities. I have five children and the first three […]

Halloween for the Health-Conscious

If you love Halloween but hate all the sugary junk your kids get, take a look at my tips for keeping it fun while staying healthy.

Don’t Be So Quick to Call it a Food Allergy

Food allergies are on the rise, but so is their misdiagnosis. You may want to question your child's food allergy.


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