Probiotics … Should You Be Taking Them?

I received an email from someone who suffers from some gastrointestinal symptoms. She was wondering if she should take probiotics. She signed off “Gassy.” Very classy, Gassy, and love you anyway. Thanks for the question. I see the ads, I have friends who swear probiotics cleared up all sorts of ailments, and I understand the science behind […]

Kombucha: The Health Benefits-If You Can Choke It Down

I have been reading a few things about how healthy Kombucha is for your gut. They say it is a natural detoxifier for your liver. It also helps with digestion. So, I thought I have to try it. It is a nice change from drinking water and unsweetened iced tea. I was at Trader Joe’s and […]

3 Steps to a Healthier YOU in the New Year

Just 3 easy steps to a healthier you. Impossible NOT to do!


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