20+ Women Every Girl Should Know About

Being a woman today is easier — not easy, but easier — because of the women who paved the way for us listed below. I feel such gratitude for the many women before me who struggled and persevered, so the road for me and my daughters is a little less bumpy. Here are a few that […]

My Oscar Picks & Where to See Them

I have tried to see all the movies up for Best Picture and I am only short one, Black Panther. (But I did hear that it was fantastic.) Here are my two cents on the Oscar picks; Bohemian Rhapsody Nominated for: Best picture, actor, editing, sound editing, and sound mixing. My two cents: This should hands down […]

Do You Want People To Listen To You?

Watch out for theses seven communication pitfalls.

8 Ways to Make School Lunch Fun

Brainstorm some fun lunch options together before food shopping, and use some of these tricks we found.

Understanding Our Obsession with Soft

Soft, cozy and comfy is everywhere you look ... WHY?

The World Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Let an expert explain.

10 Reasons We Love the Fall

What do you love about this time of year?

What I’m Listening to Now

What to listen to in the car or on the treadmill Ever had an idea that you thought could make you millions? If you’re looking for some inspiration to go after that dream,you’ll love listening to these wildly successful entrepreneurs tell their stories of how the persevered and achieved their dreams. In the NPR podcast series “How They Built This,” Guy Raz […]


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