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6 Things Watermelon Can Do for Your Body

First published July 2018 I believe your pregnant body lets you know what it needs and what it doesn’t need, hence the reason I couldn’t stand the taste or smell of coffee or wine during the first trimester. I craved red meat during┬ámy pregnancy Madelyn like a T rex, and then found out I was […]

Why You Need a Thermometer

“Do you have a fever?” It is a simple question, with a simple answer. Either your body temperature is elevated or it isn’t. But, so often, when I ask this of someone or ask it about one of their children, the answer is, “yes.” “What was it?” I will ask (because it matters) and the […]

Five Medical Takeaways From 2017

What we learned in 2017.

5 Simple Tips to Drink More Water

You know it is good for you, but it isn't always easy.


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