2016 World Series: Experiencing the Pain of the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians

by William B. Leahy “I FEEL THEIR PAIN.” Former President Bill Clinton was alternately praised and ridiculed for staring soulfully into a voter’s eyes and saying, “I feel your pain.” As I contemplate the current World Series¬†between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, I know to a moral certainty that the chronic pain of […]

DIY Baseball Bedroom

You can create a sports theme in the bedroom, without purchasing themed bedding. Its easy to add details to reflect a sports theme by adding some wall hangings and other accessories while leaving bedding somewhat neutral. Plaid, denim or solid colored bedding that is traditional, classic,and reads boy. Also, you can easily change the theme without having to buy new bedding. Start with placing vintage and new baseball themed items around the room.

Homemade Cracker Jacks

No need to “buy me some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks…”. I made a batch of my own! Don’t forget to add a little toy prize in the middle of it all!


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