Vines and Branches RVC – A Lovely Addition to Town

As we were strolling around town this weekend, our little canine companion led us up North Park Avenue and straight into one of the best finds in town – Vines and Branches! We were encouraged by owner, Lisa M. Lowe to browse through the store and Stella was even given samples of yummy. fresh bread.

The store was beautifully decorated and showcased unique goodies such as marinated stuffed olives, and home made tortilla chips from the local Flour Shoppe Cafe. The stars of the show was the extra virgin olive oils and the balsamic gourmet vinegars. I purchased an olive oil from Italy and used it on a salad that evening – it was absolutely savory and delicious.

Lisa’s store had unique pestos, dips and spreads as well as salsas, marinades, honeys and jams. This store is the perfect spot to pick up something incredible for your favorite foodie – or splurge on something special for yourself!


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Author: Thea Ferzola


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