February 01, 2024

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One of My Worst Parenting Moments

I’ve forgotten to pack my kids a lunch. I’ve given them a “snack lunch” which basically means there is nothing in the house, so you’ll be getting a bag of mishmosh. I’ve really stretched the definition of lunch to include things like bread with butter and cold pizza. But, this is the first time I […]

5 Ways to Be Kinder to Your Memory

I get asked about memory problems very often. Friends, family, patients, clients all want to be reassured that the thing they forgot is not a sign of a much bigger problem. As soon as we misplace our car keys, wonder why we walked into a certain room, or struggle to recall a name, our catastrophic tendencies […]

7 Ways to Stop the Stress From Affecting Your Skin

Edited and reposted from a few years ago … this post is a great reminder for me! Every year at this time, I start feeling like I’m picking up the green hue of the grinch, even though my spirit is at an all time high. I want the excitement and joy I feel on the […]

Don’t Let the Holidays Stress Get You!

(I originally wrote this post when my kids were younger, but I reread today, and the advice still holds true. I hope it helps you too!) My family loves the holiday season. They are counting the days down until Thanksgiving, and wish the time would fly by. I, on the other hand, am looking at the […]

Moms, This is the App You Need to Download…Now.

I have lists scattered everywhere. Post-its on the kitchen counter. Scraps next to my bed. I save photos, links and screenshot suggestions in my phone. I even tried starting a notebook of lists…but I don’t know where I left. I am constantly saying to myself…”Did I put that in my notes or screenshots? Did anyone see the […]

List’m: The App to Simplify Your Life

Have you ever had an idea for an app or a website or a product? Most people have, even if it is just a general inkling that there should be a better way to do something. You find yourself in need of a gadget or a gizmo, and you think, “Someone must’ve already done this.” […]

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help

Taking care of a home, feeding all the people that live there, managing multiple schedules and handling emergencies that will inevitably pop up is exhausting. Exhaustion increases stress, diminishes happiness and leaves you with too little energy for enjoying the life you work so hard to maintain. Having helpful kids is a game changer. I am […]

Thanksgiving Sides: Cranberries with Cherries & Cloves

This is my favorite cranberry recipes; the dried cherries give it a touch more sweetness than traditional cranberry recipes. Get ahead of the game and make this cranberry-cherry 4 days ahead. Ingredients 2 ½ cups cranberry juice 8 oz dried tart cherries 1 cup sugar 12 oz fresh cranberries ¼ tsp cloves Directions Simmer cranberry juice in a large […]
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