20+ Tasty Treats for Halloween

Here are some of our favorite treats for Halloween–some of them are even healthy to balance to heavy sugar intake!

1. Batty Cupcakes
Keep it simple: turn ordinary store cupcakes into something festive. Just add googly edible eyes and oreo halves for wings to make your batty little cakes.

2. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies
If you love the peanut and chocolate combination, you’ll have a hard time stopping yourself from eating just one of these cookie critters.

3. Strawberry Ghosts
All you need are fresh strawberries, 8 ounces white baking chocolate chopped, 1 teaspoon shortening, 1/8 teaspoon almond extract and 1/4 cup miniature semisweet chocolate chips. See the directions here.

4. Boonana Pops
Give your kids a scare by making these easy and healthy frozen “Boo-nana” pops. All you’ll need are some just-ripe bananas, popsicle sticks and raisins (for the eyes). Freeze them up, and serve. The kids will have fun chasing each other with their ghostly friends.

5. Witches’ Teeth:
Core and quarter an apple. Remove wedge from skin side of each quarter to form a mouth. Fill with peanut-butter and insert variously shaped and sized slivered almonds, cashews or peanuts for teeth. You can also use small marshmallows. If you need a nut-free version, forget the peanut-butter and nuts: break pieces of white chocolate and insert into apple.


6. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters
All you need for these cuties are a batch of rice krispie treats (or you could even use premade ones), colored candy melts, candy eyes, and oil. You can find the recipe on the blog onelittleproject.com.

7. Bewitching Brooms
These little brooms are the perfect snack. All you’ll need is stick pretzels, string cheese, and uncut chives to create these salty sweepers.

8. The Scream
Melt the 12oz of white chocolate and 1/2 tsp coconut oil  in the microwave. Dip pretzels in chocolate and leave bottom hole, so it looks like screaming mouth. Press on eyeballs

Chelsea’s Messy Apron

9. Oreo Ball “Spiders”
We love these adorable, yummy little critters (and so do the kids) cute recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. The treats are easy to make and taste like oreo truffles.

10. Ghostly Eggs
Looking for something beyond sweet treats for their party or lunchbox? Try these ghoulish hard boiled eggs that are packed with protein.

11. Mini Caramel Apples
Your kids will love eating fruit when you make these caramel- and candy-dipped mini apples. They’re bite-sized and fun to make. It is so easy that 2 of our teen contributors made them all by themselves. Check out the short video.

12. Easy Fruit Cups
All you need is individually packaged mandarin orange or peach cups and a permanent marker. Draw jack-o’- lantern faces on the packaging and you are done.

 13. Orange Fruit Cups
Here’s a healthy treat: make an orange fruit cup! To make one lantern, use a small knife to slice the top off a navel orange and cut around its interior to hollow it out. Scoop out the orange segments, chop them, and mix them with canned or fresh fruit salad. Carve small facial features in one side of the orange, then cut a slit in the lid to accommodate the handle of a green plastic spoon. Fill the lantern with fruit salad. Insert the spoon and set the lid in place.

14. Popcorn
Fill the kids with a fiber-filled snack, popcorn. You can focus on the sweet or the salty with popcorn. After you pop your popcorn, pour it out onto parchment paper. Melt white or milk chocolate  in a measuring cup. Pour the chocolate over the popcorn and mix to cover each piece. Form balls before the chocolate hardens. If you want more of a Halloween touch, you can mix the white chocolate with orange food coloring or sprinkle orange and Halloween shaped candy sprinkles on the popcorn. If you prefer a salty snack, make some butter popcorn.

15. Clementines Make Cute Pumpkins
If you’re doing one of the treats above, an easy addition is to peel clementines and surround your little ghosts and goblins on the plate with them.You can use a celery stick, a pretzel or green licorice for the stem.

16. Mummy Dog
Fill their bellies with something other than sugar with these crescent roll wrapped dogs.

From thehopelesshousewife.com

17. Jalapeño Popper Mummies
Same as our Mummy Dogs, but fill the inside with cream cheese, scallions and jalapeno peppers. Find the recipe on thehopelesshousewife.com

18. Apple Monsters
Here’s a cute, healthy apple snack using sunflower butter, sunflower seeds and strawberries from Fork and Beans.

19. Butter Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
2 cups pumpkin seeds, 3 to 4 teaspoons melted butter or oil, salt to taste (try seasoned salt, garlic salt, or other herb blends for a different taste). Preheat oven to 300°F. Clean seeds. It’s ok to leave a little of the pulp or string on the seeds but remove the excess. Toss the pumpkin seeds with melted butter or oil and the seasonings. Spread to a single layer on a baking sheet and bake for 40 to 45 minutes, stirring occasionally until lightly golden brown. Drain on paper towels.

20. Serve it in a Pumpkin
Here’s a fun way to serve your favorite cheesy app. Whip up a batch of your favorite cheese dip, like our caramelized onion and bacon cheese dip, (or buy it) and spoon it in into a hollowed out pumpkin.

From cookincanuck.com

21. Rotten Eggs
Avocado lovers will love these devilish deviled eggs. Skip the mayo and blend your egg yolk with avocado (and a little sriracha) instead. From cookincanuck.com

22. Tiny Buffalo Meatball Pumpkins
These bite-sized snacks are smothered in a tangy topping of buffalo sauce, pumpkin puree, and ranch dressing. From The Gunny Sack.

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