Plank with Alternating 1 Arm Row

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This exercise is another multi-purpose move that targets one area of the body (the back) while guaranteeing that the core is equally working by maintaining body position. Set up in a straight-arm plank with the weights and hands under the chest and shoulders. Place your feet slightly wider than the mat for stability. Use your core to maintain your plank form while lifting one weight at a time up to your ribcage, pause and then return (with control) to the floor. Repeat on the other side. Do 15 reps on each arm.

Notes: Concentrate the “work” in the back to do the lifting. Do not allow your body and hips to rotate outward each time you lift the weights (this is when your abs will really come into play). Keep a straight line from head to heel – so no bums sticking up or hips drooping down. Keep your shoulders away from your ears and exhale as you lift the weight, inhale as you return it to the start.

Easier: Do fewer reps. Use lighter or no weights. Drop down to a plank from your knees. Remember to keep your hips down and hands under the shoulders and chest.

Harder: Do more reps. Use heavier weights. Lift the opposite foot off the floor as you do the row (when rowing with the right arm, lift the left foot off the floor at the same time – don’t roll the hips!).

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