Pilates Ab Roll

Sometimes slow movements are much more challenging than fast ones. Try this Pilates based abdominal exercise to get a sense of your true ab strength.

Oblique Abs on the Ball

Trim your waistline and strengthen your entire core with this move of the week.

Hold Still to Gain Strength -A New Challenge

This new challenge is not about movement but about holding still. How long can you hold these two positions and how many rounds can you do?

Triple Threat Torso Toner

Summer is almost here and I've got you covered with this torso trimming challenge.

Finding Your Inner Strength

Everything we do from daily activities to exercise and sports draws from our core strength. This move of the week develops the innermost ab muscles.

From Keg to 6-Pack

Get rid of that beer-belly with the help of this abdominal exercise.

Deep Belly Burner

This deep core blaster is truly a challenge - are you up for it? There are several options to pick from.

Plank with Alternating 1 Arm Row

Develop a strong, sexy back while challenging your core muscles with this move of the week.

Inner Thigh/Core Challenge

This exercise is a twofer. One exercise that targets two areas of the body - core and inner thighs.

Sliding Abs

I love this one! A challenging but fun ab burner.


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