From Keg to 6-Pack

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Let’s just get this straight right off the bat, NO amount of ab exercises will chisel you a 6-pack if you are not ALSO consistently doing your cardio and eating good nutrition. If beer is your thing, you may want to drink a little less of the brewskies and sweat a little more. Here is a slightly advanced ab exercise with many options, so choose the one that challenges you but does not hurt you. Using your sandbag (or other type of weight) lie flat with legs straight and arms overhead (holding the weight). Engage your abdominals and as you exhale sit up straight, keeping that weight overhead and the legs straight the entire time. Inhale, and as you exhale, slowly lower back down to your starting position. Repeat for 15-20 reps.

Notes: Use only the abdominals to lift your upper body off the floor. If your legs are lifting off or you have to give a jump-start by lifting the hips off before sitting up, this exercise is too difficult so try the easier option. Work with your breath, sitting up and lowering with your exhales. As you reach the top of your sit up, push your chest out and up to ensure a straight back.

Easier: Do less reps; lighten the weights in your bag or leave out the weight altogether and just hold your hands overhead. If you are unable to complete the full sit up, perform a crunch with the weight instead – lifting the shoulders off the mat as high as possible while “pushing” the overhead weight higher (to make this even easier bend the knees, feet flat).

Harder: Heavier bag; more reps and/or add a twist at the top of the sit up.


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