Oblique Abs on the Ball

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Photo by T.Juco

Using “props” can break up the monotony of exercising and also further target specific areas. This move of the week does both. Using an exercise or stability ball increases the difficulty of this exercise plus, positions your body in a manner that really promotes your oblique muscles (abdominal muscles around the waist) to do the majority of the work, thus slimming and trimming the waistline. Stagger your feet against a wall or sturdy piece of furniture as you place your right hip on the top, center of an exercise ball. Keeping your hips and shoulders stacked on top of each other, fold your hands across your chest and let your body form around the ball as you inhale. As you exhale, use your left oblique or waist muscles to pull your torso OFF the ball and hold it for a few seconds. Think of bringing your left ribs to your left hip. Then slowly lower back down. DO 15-20 reps and repeat on the other side.

Notes: Keep the belly button pulled in and exhale as you lift up.

move of the week, exercise, abdominals, oblique abs, exercise ball, stability, tips from town

Photo by T.Juco

Easier: Widen the distance between your feet for more stability. Place your right knee on the ground by the ball, left leg straight, right hand can wrap around the ball or be placed on the ground for further support. Do not use the ball at all – Lie on your right side and lift your torso and left leg at the same time.

Harder: Increase the number of reps; Change the position of your arms – behind your head or straight overhead. Hold a weight (medicine ball or dumbbell) at chest level.


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