Finding Your Inner Strength

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True core strength comes from deep within – literally. This move of the week targets the deepest ab muscles and focuses on how to use them properly (and for some people, how to use them period). You will need a resistance band OR use a cable system with weights for counter-resistance/weight. Secure the band or set up the cable to be in line with your wrists when you are lying on your back and your arms reaching for the ceiling. This is your starting point and you should be working to keep your arms straight and not let them go back past your ears. With your feet flat and lower back pressed to the floor, exhale as you push the handles down toward your hips. Focus on the movement initiating from your abs. Keep the arms straight with a soft elbow. Inhale as you return with control to the starting position. Repeat this move for 15-20 reps and then hold your hands half way between your shoulders and hips and do 20 quick pulses.

Notes: If you feel this more in your arms, focus on the abs doing the move; add more resistance by moving your body farther from the secure point of the band or adding more weight to the cable system. Work with your breath and keep the belly button pulled in, shoulders down.

Easier: Do fewer reps; lighten the weight or decrease the resistance.

Harder: Increase reps; increase weight or resistance; change position of the legs (both at 90 degrees to the floor, 45 degrees to floor, or 6 inches from floor).


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Author: tammyjuco

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