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I have an abdominal challenge for you. Get to know just how strong your lower, deep abs really are. Wrap a band or tube around one foot (so it doesn’t slip off), so that they are even in length. Sitting with legs straight in front of you, keep your back straight, abs engaged and shoulders down your back and lean BACK from your hips forming a “V”. Go as far back as you can and hold the position just before you feel you might fall out if it. From here, pull the handles of the band to your hips (not touching them though) and then “TOUCH” the handles or your pinkies to the floor (do NOT rest on your hands) you should feel this deep within your belly. Hold this until exhaustion (shaking or you start to lose your form). Repeat this 2 more times.

Notes: It’s very important to maintain perfect posture, keeping the back straight and the V position. As you fatigue, don’t let your shoulders come up or your back curve, and keep both feet on the floor throughout. If at any time you feel this in your lower back, take a break and then try again – watch your posture.

Easier: Without the band, simulate the same movements with your arms, just touching pinkies to the floor at your hips. Even easier – just hold the straight-legged V-sit (hands can be in prayer at chest). If this is still too difficult, you can bend your knees and gently hold behind your thighs but let your abs do the majority of the work holding the position.

Harder: You can always do more reps and/or hold each rep longer as long as your form remains impeccable. As with all bands you can make this more challenging by using a thicker diameter band or when you set up the band grasp it so that it’s shorter in length before your pull it towards the hips.


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