Take Out Schnitzel?

If you have Hungarian roots, you might find yourself with an occasional craving for schnitzel! Sure you can make it, but it’s a lot easier to order take out from Balaton Restaurant in historic Shaker Square. Trust me, a small order ($21-which includes spaetzle, crisp, fresh salad with savory dressing on the side and bread you will never forget) is more than enough for two! Start with the family appetizer to get a little taste of everything: breaded mushroom caps, stuffed cabbage, and potato pancakes. ($20.95)
And leave room for dessert. Try the Dobosh Torte which is an eight layer of cake, with creamy chocolate and covered with hard-caramel.
Jo etvagyat! (Hungarian for “Bon apetit!”)

Balaton Hungarian Retsaurant, 13133 Shaker Square Cleveland, Ohio. (216) 921 – 9691



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Author: Megan Huff