Tips For The Best Yard Sale

Who doesn’t love a yard sale? It’s such a great way to make some quick cash and get rid of clutter at the same time.


Clean and dust the items you plan to sell. Magic Erasers work “magic” for cleaning things up a bit. They work best on hardbound books, removing dirt from candle jars and candle holders, and cleaning out all the tiny nooks and crannies on plastic things like coolers, chairs, and more. Also helpful are Lysol Cleaning Wipes. As a result, many items will look much newer than they actually are.


Plan your sale layout with customers in mind. To make your sale as organized and as appealing as possible, group like objects together (glassware/kitchen items in one place; toys/children’s books in another; and tools/lawn equipment in still another). Think about how you’re displaying each group to its best advantage. Make sure everything is visible on tables or racks with sheets or cloths underneath. Think like a shop owner to make your customers more likely to purchase your stuff. Price things carefully and label things well.


Pick out a bunch of things that you never want to see again and place them in a box that says ‘free’. This is way a way to entice shoppers and draw them into your sale. On a hot summer day there’s nothing like a cool pitcher of lemonade or iced tea to encourage shoppers to linger. Offer these drinks for free, set your iPod on shuffle. Be friendly. Greet people as they arrive, chat if they’re chatty.



1. Clothes (especially children’s clothes)

2. Power Tools (saws, drills, sanders)

3. Sporting Equipment (golf clubs, workout equip.)

4. Bicycles (especially ones ready to ride)

5. Electronics (stereos, computers)

6. Toys (not broken)

7. Household Items (refrigerators, irons, dishes)

8. Furniture (chairs, tables, beds)

9. Books (especially children’s books)

10. Gardening Equipment

11. Jewelry (watches, rings)

12. Miscellaneous (wall hangings, quilts, bedding)

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