Madison Community House Fire Donations

Madison Community House

This past Wednesday a fire broke out at the Madison Community House, located at 25 Cook Avenue.   Although the fire was contained to third floor residential space, the damage it caused has made that space uninhabitable. And the first and second floors of the building also sustained smoke and water damage that require repair. Office and community space used for ongoing events and activities, childcare programs, and Morris County Dress for Success are located on the lower floors.

This beloved building was built in 1924 and has been serving both the community and surrounding areas since 1896. The Madison Community House is owned and operated by the Thursday Morning Club and many people have reached out to see how they could help. As a result, donations can now be made to the Fire Restoration Fund that is accessible through their website Donation Page.

Visit if you would like to make an on line tax deductible donation.

Here’s hoping the Thursday Morning Club much success in repairing a community hub that, for years, has meant so much to everyone.

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