Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

As I was casually stalking social media today, I came across this picture that a friend used as her cover photo on Facebook. I chuckled in agreement and then thought to myself : Man, ain’t that the truth.  As a young child you base your popularity on the amount of children that attend your birthday parties.You don’t even necessarily have to know these children very well – If they were in your class, they got an invite. So, actually at that tender age you weren’t quite old enough to be putting off your own independent vibe to “choose” your own tribe/friends.Traditionally, It has been done for you by your parents.

As far as I can determine, today’s young teens’, self worth is based on the amount of followers they have on Instagram, Snapchat etc– teens claim to have “3,000 friends or followers” – But do they? I’m pretty sure my son doesn’t know 3,000 people from Asia to Alaska that are really his “friends.” I’m curious to think if these kids have anything in common whatsoever more than sharing pictures of fancy parties and silly selfies.Is my son putting out such an awesome vibe that his tribe contains 3,000 people? I’m thinking that the five boys who spent the weekends at our house at sleepovers will remain true tribal members.

The rest, I think it happens in college – that you really learn how to successfully “choose” friends. That is when “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” comes into play. College is the time where kids can finally choose the direction they want to They no longer have mom and dad choosing their clothing, and most often than not, kids choose what college they want to go to with some guidance from their parents, but basically on their own. They choose their course of study and use their innate morals to select the people that surround them. Hopefully they are putting forth positive energy and tap into virtues that have been instilled in them since birth.This I believe is where the tribe evolves, and if you are fortunate enough, you will see the result in the happiness of your son/daughter.

I want my children to understand that as defined by Urban Dictionary, a tribe is : “Close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family.” Aka, the true friends who accept you for who you are, laugh with and at you, and give their shoulder when you need a good cry. I found as I got older that the more I tried to hold onto friends that became high maintenance, them more I felt suffocated.I was simply spreading myself too thin – trying to constantly be amiable and congenial and play Julie the Cruise Director for planning get-togethers, etc. Maybe the truth was that I wasn’t as compatible with some of these people as I once thought. Maybe, it took me longer than most to recognize that my personal tribe did not have to consist of 100 people anymore. Maybe, just maybe it is ok to have a small tribe of 10-12 members and still feel valued.

Oh, and the best part of my mature revelation? It is to recognize  that sometimes tribal members travel on different journeys and take different paths than you. However, when the “family” reunites it is with the same comfort and care that you once felt and it is as if the years never passed.

Just my opinion. Thoughts?

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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