Tim’s Keg Haulers

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A client of mine, Tim, was opening a bar which inspired this move of the week. I used a weighted bag to simulate the size and weight of a keg and came up with a few “functional” exercises for him. Whether you own a bar, are having a keg party in your home or have to carry heavy items (bags, boxes, kids etc), this is a great way to develop the muscles for this type of lifting. Using a carpet or folded mat for your knees, kneel on your right knee in front of your bag. With a tight core and flat back, pick up the bag and place it on your left shoulder (support with one or both hands) and stand up (the right leg is doing all the work and the core works overtime to stabilize the unbalanced load). Keeping good posture come back down carefully onto the left knee and put the bag on the floor.  Now you’re ready to repeat this on the left leg. Lift the bag to the right shoulder and stand up through the left leg; come back down onto the right knee. You end up alternating the leg you kneel on. To change it up you can try this with the bag on the shoulder of the SAME working leg. Do 10-15 reps per leg.

Notes: Keep the abs engaged and breathe throughout. Keep your shoulders pressed down especially when moving the bag on and off the shoulders. Keep your back flat throughout especially when picking up and placing down the bag. As you stand up, keep your weight in the back of the working leg foot – use those glutes to do the majority of the work. Stand tall throughout, keep your head and chest lifted – no looking down.

Easier: Do less reps, lighten the weights in your bag, hold the bag at your chest or on the back of your shoulders without putting it down in between reps. Use dumbbells and hold them at your side throughout- don’t use any weights – just focus on the legs.

Harder: Heavier bag- more reps, speed up the reps without compromising form, do all reps on one leg before switching to the other.

BONUS CHALLENGE: After lifting your “keg” to your shoulder and standing up, carry it up and down a flight of stairs before switching as above. If you have no stairs, do 10 walking lunges before switching.

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