Life Coaching — More Than I Thought It Was

I had heard of life coaching. I knew several people who were life coaches. I had a vague notion of what it was, some kind of cross breed between therapy and personal training I supposed. Then, I tried it for myself.

life coachingA friend, Jocelyn Sokol, is a Professional Certified Life Coach , and I signed up for 3 one hour sessions. I did it to learn more about what it was really all about, and I was shocked at how much it helped me. My preconceived ideas were all wrong. It is difficult to put into words the impact of life coaching, and I am sure everyone’s experience is very different and specific to them. For me, it was like yoga for the brain. It was, at the same time, quieting and inspiring. It allowed me to do something so rare these busy days. It allowed me to reflect on what’s most important, cleanse myself of the things which need letting go and set realistic goals. At 41 years old, with all these kids, I often feel I’m at the point of, “It just is what it is.” Jocelyn helped remind me my life still is, and always will be, what I make of it.
If you are stressed, overwhelmed, bored, lost or dissatisfied, consider giving life coaching a try. Truly, I’d recommend this form of aided introspection to anyone, even if things are going well. As Jocelyn says on her website, “Life is Good. Let’s Make it Better.” This has been my experience, and I’m ever grateful for the chance to take stock of my life, instead of just running the lives of all my kids. I don’t think I would have sought out a life coach. I would’ve felt silly, needy or selfish, because what do I really have to complain about? This opportunity with Jocelyn fell in my lap, and I am so glad I followed through. I’m placing this in your lap now. Take the first step and get some more information about life coaching. I believe you’ll be happy you did.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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