Create A Homework Zone

Creating a homework zone will not only help your child focus and be more likely to finish his or her tasks, it will help keep your house organized and free of clutter. Keeping homework papers, books, pencils, and more in one dedicated space could make a huge difference for your home’s overall serenity. No one homework spot will work for everyone, but follow these guidelines to create a study space that will work for your children.


Set the scene
You might want to set up a space in a bedroom or an out-of-the-way spot. If your child likes to involve parents in homework, carve out a permanent corner of the kitchen or family room for studying. When you’re integrating an office into this multifunctional room, the first rule is not to let the work space stick out?aesthetically or physically. Keep to the room’s color and decoration schemes, and make sure the furniture doesn’t impede traffic flow. Try to keep distractions to a manageable level by steering clear of busy areas. Dress up the area with witty art like a wall decal quote or inspirational posters.


Get comfortable (but not TOO comfy)
Are they too hot or too cold? Is there an irritating noise outside the window? Be sure the homework spot keeps them relaxed, focused, and alert. They might like to read on the bed, but if they fall asleep they’re no closer to completing that book report, so maybe a cushioned chair is a better bet. Work and play in comfort and style with this PB Teen’s Furlicious desk chair ($239). Or one of their Fur Rockin Roller Desk Chairs for $112. Height-adjustable, fashioned with stylish faux-fur upholstery in luxurious plush ivory.


Ideally, the work surface should be about waist-height. When they sit down, see if they can rest elbows on the table without hunching up shoulders and can put their feet flat on the floor. If the chair’s not the right height, try sitting on a pillow to raise the seat or tucking a shoebox under thier feet to help them reach the floor. Slip a rolled-up blanket behind their back to keep it from getting sore. If there is a computer in the space, position the monitor about 18-30″ away. An anti-glare screen is great for keeping eyes fresh.


Light it up and Spread it out
Seems kind of basic, but they’re going to get tired and distracted easily if they have to squint at books or can’t see what is written. Try a combination of overhead light and a reading or desk lamp that can aim at the books or computer screen. You can also dress up the work space with a nice table lamp (check out Shades of Light). Make sure they can arrange the work so they’re not drowning in a stack of papers. Conceal papers in a colorful file cabinet.


Stock up and Organize it
What do you always find them hunting for? Scissors? A Calculator? Paper? Try to keep supplies all in one spot, it will save you time not having to do a search. Keep a calendar, to-do list, or planner of some kind so they know what you have to do and when. Use boxes, drawers, organizers — like chalkboard storage bins from One Kings Lane — to keep stuff tidy. Hang a bulletin board and wall calendar (like Chalkboard Calendar Decal from PB Teen) to help keep track of due dates and handy reminders. It’s also great to have a list of the classmates’ numbers who could help them if they forget an assignment or get stuck. Depending on your child, you can take note at back to school night of the other kids which are in their class and could help them if needed.


Let them personalize the space with posters, pictures, artwork, or anything else that’s meaningful to them. They’re going to spend some time there, they may as well enjoy it. You never know when gazing at that photo of your dog if it will generate a story or paper idea. Check out these desktop magnetic boards from Container Store or create a dynamic display of favorite 8.5 x 11″ pictures or artwork with these easy-open box frames that let you quickly change out memorabilia.


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