A Guy’s Perspective on Finding the Perfect Gift

guy man holding gift for womanMost of our writers are women. Ok, all of our writers are women. So do you ever wonder what goes through a guy’s mind as they set out to buy gifts? Especially, when they nail it. So, we asked a guy to give the men in our life a few tips for buying gifts for their honeys. Now, your job is to just leave your laptop open to this post in hopes that your honey sees it. Or if the situation is more dire, email the post to your hubby or boyfriend!

Heather: So Ryan, what’s your scoop? Married? Dating? Single?

Ryan: I’m 24, living in NYC and originally from DC. I’m recently single after suffering my first heart break. If you know any nice women who like to be spoiled, let me know!

Heather: Well, let’s hear your tips on buying the perfect gift for your woman first and then we’ll talk set-ups. I can remember the Christmases where my husband really put some thought into my gift. It meant the world! So what tips would you give a guy who is shopping for their wife or girlfriend?

Ryan: For men, buying the right gift for a woman can be stressful. We know that most women are going to make a judgement about how much thought or creativity went into the gift. Let’s face it: in a new relationship, the gift could be the deal-breaker. So I broke it down to 4 simple tips:

1.Talk to Her Friends
One of the most effective ways to discover what your wife wants for the holidays is to ask her closest friends their opinion on her likes and dislikes. Her girlfriends can steer you in the right direction informing you about which stores or styles that she prefers. Consider visiting a store with her friends where they can point out items that your significant other will like.

2. Look at Her Pinterest Account
Remember that your wife or girlfriend has a specific taste that is might be different than your own. Check out her Pinterest account if she has one. Take a look at clothing items, accessories, or home decor that she’s posted in recent months to ensure you can purchase something that she’s already picked out on her own.

Heather: Ryan, if I can interject–that’s a good one! Genius!

Ryan: Thanks! Glad I’m on the right track. You can also look at her social media pages to find certain companies or stores that she follows. Purchase a gift card–that she’ll actually use. Stop into a boutique that she frequents. They might know her or at least, if you choose something from there, there’s a good chance she’ll like it.

3. Listen to Her Talk
I know, we guys are prone to “zoning out” when our wife or girlfriend is speaking. But if you’re ever going to listen, now is the time.  You may catch her telling her friend about something she recently saw or a restaurant she’s been dying to try. Yes, I’m encouraging eavesdropping.

Heather: Listening. Ground-breaking idea. Can I give you my husband’s cell so you can have a chat with him?

4. Get Sentimental
Find something that allows her to feel loved and treasured with an item that is specific to who she is or the relationship that you share. Incorporate a bit of sentiment into her Christmas gift by making her a photo album of your family, or by purchasing a necklace that is engraved with her name. Choose a custom item that is specific to her interests and requires a bit of thought or energy to show her that you care. A little thought can go a long way.

And, if all else fails, go with diamonds.

Heather: They are a girl’s best friend!  I really love the idea of the album. I think I would fall over if my husband did something like that for me! Ryan, if I can just chime in here and add a number 5:
5. Pay Cash.
Dude, if you’re married, pay cash. Because we are industrious people. If you charge the gift to surprise her, well, don’t you both have access to your online banking? Right. She’ll see the charge and the cat is out of the bag. I speak from experience on this one!

Ryan, thanks so much for your thoughts. We’re sending good vibes your way hoping that the magical holiday season sparks some romance in your life! Keep and open mind and keep your eyes peeled!

Ryan: Will do. Hope you get what you want from husband!

ryan nelsonRyan Nelson is a marketing associate who blogs in his free time. Ryan is recently single after suffering his first heart break. He’s a serious foodie that has a goal to try the best noodles in every of the 50 states over next 5 years. If you have any nice women looking to be spoiled, who enjoys a good noodle, reach out to him privately: Ryan Nelson.


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Author: Heather Zachariah

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