From a Guy’s Perspective

A Guy’s Point of View: Relating Sports To A Relationship

By Ryan Nelson In many ways, the relationship that we have with our favorite sports teams are a lot like the relationships we have with our friends, family members and spouses. For instance, you think nothing of talking bad about your team for missing the playoffs or blowing a lead against an inferior team. However, […]

A Guy’s Perspective on Finding the Perfect Gift

Most of our writers are women. Ok, all of our writers are women. So do you ever wonder what goes through a guy’s mind as they set out to buy gifts? Especially, when they nail it. So, we asked a guy to give the men in our life a few tips for buying gifts for their honeys. […]

2016 World Series: Experiencing the Pain of the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians

by William B. Leahy “I FEEL THEIR PAIN.” Former President Bill Clinton was alternately praised and ridiculed for staring soulfully into a voter’s eyes and saying, “I feel your pain.” As I contemplate the current World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, I know to a moral certainty that the chronic pain of […]


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