A Guy’s Point of View: Relating Sports To A Relationship

how sports are like relationships guy couch baseball By Ryan Nelson

In many ways, the relationship that we have with our favorite sports teams are a lot like the relationships we have with our friends, family members and spouses. For instance, you think nothing of talking bad about your team for missing the playoffs or blowing a lead against an inferior team. However, you won’t stand for it if anyone else tries to talk bad about your team. How else are our personal relationships similar to the ones we have with our favorite sports teams?

You Love Your Team Unconditionally
No matter how many losing seasons your team has or how many good players the team has let walk away, you stick with that team until the end…even if the end leaves you sobbing like a baby. Just like a relationship between a mother and her child, you can find the good in the franchise no matter how bad things seem to an outsider. After a win or even a good stretch of play within a game, you are the first to tell others how proud you are of the team and its effort.

You Always Make Up After a Fight
If you have been in a relationship with someone long enough, you have probably had at least one serious fight or argument. However, after some time away, you realize that one fight isn’t worth throwing the whole relationship away. As a sports fan, you have probably sworn your team off at least once or twice. Just as likely, you spend the offseason recovering from your disappointment and eventually reach a point where you can’t wait to see them play again. Take the Mets for example. If ownership didn’t pony up the cash to re-sign All-Star center fielder Yoenis Cespedes this offseason, fans would have been fed up with the team’s frugal actions. No one likes a cheap date!

You Don’t Know What to Do Without Them
It is normal to feel lost when you go a long period of time without your best friend or significant other. Most sports fans feel the same way when their favorite team hasn’t played in awhile. Even though we know that they will once again take the field at some point, it can be hard trying to fill the hours and days until that next game.

You Would Do Anything to Keep Them Close
When you love someone, you don’t think twice about buying expensive gifts, spending most of your time with that person or doing whatever else it takes to make him or her happy. The same is true for most fans when it comes to their team possibly leaving town. No matter how many tax dollars the team’s owner wants or other ridiculous concessions it may take to keep the team in town, the fans are almost always down to help.

If you are like most people in America and throughout the world, your relationship with your favorite sports team is an important one. No matter how much stress, drama, and occasional sobbing it may cause, you will be there for your team because you couldn’t imagine your life without it.

ryan nelsonRyan Nelson is a marketing associate who blogs in his free time. Ryan is recently single after suffering his first heart break. He’s a serious foodie that has a goal to try the best noodles in every of the 50 states over next 5 years. If you have any nice women looking to be spoiled, who enjoys a good noodle, reach out to him privately: Ryan Nelson.


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