Glow-in-the-Dark Toys for Dark Days

Also read: 50+ Fun Family Games   Even though the days are shorter and it gets dark at 4:30, my kids still want to play outside. My son recently said, “Wish there was such a thing as a glow-in-the-dark basketball.” Well, there is! And a bunch of other sports equipment that glows for these darker days… First you […]

What You Say to the Ref Matters

What screaming at the ref does not say about you.

Should Kids Specialize in Sports? The AAP Says No

If your kids play sports, this is worth the read. I summarized it to save you time.

Unique and Handmade, and Just in Time for Father’s Day

Beautifully crafted, old-school leather balls make a wonderful gift for the true sports fan

Kids and Stress – Helping Your Child Cope

As adults we may often look back on our youth with nostalgia and long for simpler times. But sometimes being long removed from the carefree days of childhood, we may forget the trials and tribulations of that stage of life. And what may seem to us as simple issues with concrete solutions can be huge […]

A Guy’s Point of View: Relating Sports To A Relationship

By Ryan Nelson In many ways, the relationship that we have with our favorite sports teams are a lot like the relationships we have with our friends, family members and spouses. For instance, you think nothing of talking bad about your team for missing the playoffs or blowing a lead against an inferior team. However, […]

10 Tips to Keep You in the Match… and OUT of Physical Therapy!

By Tom Willemann, Physical Therapist Summer may almost be coming to an end, but the opportunities to get in some games of tennis outside are far from over. During “tennis weather”, I always have quite a few folks wander into my physical therapy clinic with a variety of injuries due to the sport: tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, muscle strains, knee or lower back […]

Teenage Athlete Angst

If you have kids that are heavy into sports, you need to read this.


by Stephanie Alexander Raleigh I sat down to watch “Believeland” – ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 documentary on the dichotomy of hope and despair that has fueled Clevelanders and their sports teams for longer than anyone cares to remember. Yes, watching the documentary brings to the surface many repressed, memories to be painfully experienced again. […]

Raising Healthy Athletes

If you have young athletes in your home you will want to read these tips for injury prevention.


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