180s Will Work Your Legs and Bum


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The move of the week is a great calorie burner to add to any workout or just to do anywhere, anytime the mood hits you. Start in a squat position with your feet slightly wider than when doing a regular squat. Keep your head up, shoulders down and back, abs engaged and your weight in your heels. Using the power in your legs, as well as your arms, explode up and off your feet turning 180 degrees in the air and landing right back into your squat. Now you should be facing in the exact opposite direction than you started. Repeat this move for reps (15-20) or for time (30-60 seconds).

Notes: Try to regulate your breathing throughout. Keep your landing soft in the knees absorbing the impact into the legs and heels. Don’t let your knees go over your toes. Alternate the direction of your turns (right and left).

Easier: Keep this move LOW impact by always keeping one foot grounded. As you do your 180 turns, pivot on one toe (watch that knee) and then sink into the squat.

Harder: Make your jumps higher and sink deeper into the squats to really work the legs, heart and lungs. Decrease your rest time between jumps. The faster you switch, the more difficult. Hold weights for added intensity

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