A Nutritional Lowdown on Libations

Nutrition, alcohol, wine, beer, cocktails, calorie counter, nutrition labelsIf you’ve been working hard all spring to get swim-suit ready or just to shed a few pounds, one of the easiest and fastest ways to sabotage your best efforts is through alcohol consumption.

At an average of 7 calories/gram and a whopping ZIP for nutrient density. You’re essentially drinking excess cals every time you pick up you’re Pinot Noir or bloody mary, whichever your libation of choice. If these extra calories aren’t expended they will eventually end up stored as fat.

I’m not saying Never imbibe but certainly this is a “sometime treat”. The best advice I can give a clients is:

1. Eat before you drink

2. Space out those drinks (about 1 an hour with a glass of water in between). This allows the body time to breakdown the alcohol thereby decreasing the tipsiness and lessening the effects of a hangover.

3. Choose carefully, cocktails are usually ladened with sugary mixers that just add to your caloric intake.

For more info on this click here for an extensive list of alcohols and their nutrient/food labels.

Click here to determine how many calories you drank at your last BBQ (or other events)

Click here for Low calories drink ideas.

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