Am I Drinking Too Much?

A cold beer on a hot beach, a red wine in front of the fire or a margarita at a girls’ night out … all things I really look forward to. I am over 21. I see nothing wrong taking a break from the stress of the every day with an alcoholic beverage … or two … sometimes […]

Should You Start Smoking Pot?

With the growing legalization of marijuana, should you put down your wine glass and pick up a laced brownie?

Should You Tell Your Kids to Drink Responsibly?

Prom season is almost upon us. What can be done about the dangers of teenage drinking?

A Nutritional Lowdown on Libations

Whether you plan on consuming a cool brew at a BBQ or fancy cocktails at an upscale dinner this Memorial Day, check out the complete nutritional info on your libations of choice.

Avoiding the BBQ Binge

It's officially BBQ season. How can you participate in this summer socializing without packing on the pounds?

Prevent Post-Party Symptoms With These Tips

It's all fun and good times until the next morning. Dealing with a celebratory hangover.

A Better Night’s Sleep Starting Tonight

If you dream of a good night's sleep, I've got 4 tips to help you do just that.

Summer Drinking — How Much is Too Much?

Don't read this if you are going out tonight ... the answer may surprise you.

The French Paradox and Other Random Wine Facts

Show off at your next wine tasting with these random and trivial facts all about vino.

Are You Drinking Too Much?

Take this quick quiz, used by doctors, to see if you should cut back on your drinking.


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