Avoiding the BBQ Binge

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With Memorial Day weekend upon us, we can officially declare it BBQ season. I’ve got a few suggestions to avoid overeating and excessive caloric intake without cramping your social standing. Let’s break down a typical BBQ into its three main problem areas:

There is often a tendency at BBQs to nosh constantly while your grill master is perfecting the main course. Often these snacks are less than ideal, as well, there tends to be a plethora of adult beverages available to “beat the heat” and finally what BBQ is complete without some form of icy treat afterwards?

1. Before attending the BBQ (or any event for that matter) make sure you eat a well-balanced, nutritional meal before or have a small healthy snack (preferably protein) to fill you up. Avoid hanging out near the snack tables and beware the tendency to eat more while you’re busy chatting it up. Keep yourself occupied by helping the hosts or playing a rousing game of croquet until it’s time for the main course.

2. When it’s time to eat, remember your plate portions and fill at least half that plate with veggies (I hear my hubby groaning as I type this because he is the ultimate carnivore and thinks anything veggie at a BBQ is a waste of time). But if you are concerned about the amount you’re eating this is great advice. Opt for half or no bun for your burgers and dogs and watch the sugary condiments. For the post dinner treat, try to stick to fruit or if you really want that ice cream – enjoy BUT in moderation.

3. Finally, let’s talk adult bevies… Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a cold crisp brew on a hot day but let’s not fool ourselves, those beers; ice cold white wine; coolers, etc are not re-hydrating us, in fact they do the exact opposite PLUS they are high in empty calories. And let’s not forget the how we feel after consuming those happy drinks all day in the hot sun the next day.  A good game plan for enjoying those drinks guilt and pain-free is to SPACE them out. Consider drinking a large glass of water in between alcoholic drinks (this will assist in maintaining true hydration), and having one of these drinks no less than 1 ½ – 2 hours apart. Try to avoid the sugary sodas, lemonades and iced teas (also high in calories). Another suggestion is to hydrate with water the day and morning before the BBQ.

This advice is not meant to rain on your BBQ, but to prevent your busy social calendar from sabotaging your hard work. In the end, if you do overindulge, take it easy on the heavy foods and watch the quantity the next day or two and consider ramping up that cardio.


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